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You directly support the continued development of Space Miner if you buy this game. Please first try the free version "Space Miner" before buying, thank you! Buy a spaceship, outfit it and plan provisions for an interplanetary voyage in a solar system with Newtonian physics. Land on distant planets, mine minerals and sell them back home. You have one year to make your fortune, can you get a place on the global highscore? You will need to plan correctly in order to take your spaceship and your crew to another planet and back again. The smallest mistake in planning or execution can lead to disaster.

Regular updates with bug fixes and added content is planned. Visit my blog where I discuss everything in general and my mobile game projects in particular! Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardcore Fixed a bug where game would be saved even in a Mission, leading to overwriting the Campaign savefile.

Added crash statistics Fixed a bug for opengl Fixed a text issue on very low resolution displays Fixed a graphical bug where the position of the solid rockets could become incorrect. Missions Added highscore system for Missions Added Mission: Faraway riches Added request to rate the game after 3 startups Switched out some icons to something less generic Modified rotational force for the spaceships Re-designed the spaceship setup screens Added Settings menu in Main menu.

Space miner скачать игру на андроид

Added rocket and explosion sound effects. Fixed a bug related to the game pause functionality. Added tutorial video in description Version 1. Fixed a bug where the game would immediately enter the mission setup screen after user has exited from mission setup to takeoff screen. Vous avez un an pour faire fortune, pouvez-vous obtenir une place sur le highscore mondial? Space Simulator Brixton Dynamics Ltd 1. Space Flight Simulator Guillermo Pawlowsky 1. Space Shuttle Simulator HD Thetis Games and Flight Simulators 1.

Space station Two Beards games 1.

Space miner: Wars

Advanced Space Flight Guillermo Pawlowsky. Sentez-vous comme un vrai astronaute! Satellite simulateur Erth VR Pocket Games Studio.

Space Miner Blast

Whale in Space Simulator Bulls Bros. Space Battle Simulator 3D Trigger Team. Construire la plus haute tour de tous les morceaux les plus fous imaginables!

Space miner скачать игру на андроид

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